People Don’t Care About Anderson Silva Anymore

People don’t care about Anderson Silva anymore. Let me tell you why…

When you got a huge legacy in sports, and then you got busted for PEDs at the end of your run, you stain everything that you achieved. It’s almost like Lance Armstrong.

You destroyed everything you’ve built.

Silva is now 42 years old if I’m not mistaken. If USADA give him 2-4 years suspension, he’s done. He swore that he won’t quit fighting. Well, maybe but, not in the UFC. He’s pass his time. We got new generation of middleweight who can beat the former GOAT candidate easily.

We gotta admit, Anderson Silva is different now. He got beaten, he got old, he got busted for PEDs. That’s the formula for retirement.

No one cares about Silva now. No one ask for interview, or even asking if he really take the PEDs or not. Silva himself is not denying it in his social media post. He just thank his fans and let his legal team do the job.

Fighters need to stop when they got older because when you got older, your body will need more testosterone to be able to perform on the same level as younger fighters. It’s best to stop rather than taint your whole legacy by taking PEDs. It’s just wiser to call it quit.

I’m not saying this because I hate Anderson Silva or anything. I grow up watching him and he’s such an inspiration for me. In fact, I started muay thai kickboxing because I like the guy so much. Hands down to him but, it’s time we move on.

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